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Salary Components - Runtime Payroll Software

Salary Components

Custom salary components and salary structures

  • Fixed, Variable and manual salary components
  • Automatic leave encashment at defined periods
  • Loan payment and deduction with payroll
  • Claims settlement along-with salary payments
  • Statutory bonus and Gratuity calculation

Salary Deductions

Define own salary deductions with flexible options

  • Percentage based and Fixed rate deductions
  • Time based deductions for late coming/early leaving
  • Sandwich rules for holidays and weekly offs
Salary Deductions - Runtime Payroll Software
Payment Automation - Runtime Payroll Software

Payment Automation

Tranfer salary to employees' bank accounts

  • Option to pay using UPI or bank account
  • Selective payments by location or department
  • Automatic retries on failures
  • Live payment status tracking
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Payroll Reports

Multiple payroll reports for easy analysis of payroll data

  • Salary register by location, cost center or department
  • Salary slips with customizable fields
  • Attendance Register with daily breakup by days
  • Time Register with details on In/Out times
  • And 25+ more reports
Payroll Reports - Runtime Payroll Software
Statutory Compliance - Runtime Payroll Software

Statutory Compliance

ESI, PF, Income Tax, Professional Tax & More

  • ESI deduction and monthly ESI return
  • PF deduction and monthly PF return
  • Income Tax deduction as per latest rules
  • Employee investment declarations for Income Tax deductions
  • Professional Tax deduction at state level rates

More on Payroll Management

Salary Structures

Create pre-defined salary structures with selected components and amount. Load salary structures to add or update employee salary with one-click.

Payroll History

Maintain history of salary revisions and promotions of employees for easy employee lifeycycle management.

E-Mail Payslips

Send payslips to all or selected employees with one-click. Filter by location, department, cost center or by a single employee.

Loans & Advances

Grant employee loans with flexible repayment options, with or without interest. Issue advances for auto-deduction from salary.

Bank Transfers

Generate salary transfer letter with employee bank details and net payable amount. Upload at your bank's site for releasing payments.

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload manual deductions, payments, extra days, units of production and other inputs using excel templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you are looking for a free payroll software, look no further. We offer a free plan for up-to 15 employees with most features like attendance, leaves, payroll and emploeye self service mobile apps. There's no credit card required to signup and it's free for lifetime.
Being a comprehensive payroll software, Runtime supports multiple types of salary components like - Day based, Time Based, Unit Based, Fixed and Manual. Whatever your business requirement is, our payroll software can easily be configured to suit it. See documentation on salary components.
A variety of salary deductions can be created like 'Fixed Amount Deduction', 'Percent Based Deduction', 'Time Based Deductions', and 'Manual Deduction'. Once configured, the deductions are automatically calculated by the payroll software on each payroll run. See documentation on salary deductions.
Yes, you can add your business logo, along-with report headers like business name, address, communication details to print on variety of reports like salary slip, salary register etc.
Once you have run the payroll for a month and validated the calculations, you can use 'Send Payslips' option to send salary slips to one more employee(s). This only requires one click even if you are sending to hundreds of employees at once. Moreover, you can also add your own business e-mail settings to send payslip emails to your employees.
Yes, Runtime supports multi-location and multi-departments along-with multiple designations and work-shifs also. Depending upon your plan, you can add locations, departments etc. under the setup page. Professional plan supports a maximum of 100 locations and departments. See features and limitations of each plan.
Runtime offers flexible options to define late coming and early going rules. These rules allow you to mark half-day or absent in case employees are coming late or going early beyond a certain limit. Moreover, using the Time Based Deductions, the payroll software can auto-calculate penalty for repeated late coming and/or early going instances.
Runtime's Payroll Software supports multiple options to sync attendance from your existing bio-metric device. Our onboarding team will help you configure your bio-metric machine's database to sync with our payroll software attendance database.
Runtime's Payroll Software comes with mobile apps for your entire team, available free of cost on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Team members can view their attendance, download payslips, apply for leaves and do many more tasks on the go using Runtime mobile apps.
Yes, Runtime is not just a payroll software, but also a full-fledged human resource management suite. Visit Human Resource Management page for more information on the features and benefits.
We have a comprehensive documentation where you can find information on each feature of the payroll software. Help is organized in sections for easy navigation and also offers search facility to find the relevant topic quickly. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us here.

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