Manage Teams

Take control of team activity and automate common tasks.

Leave Management with Runtime

Leave Management

Flexible leave policy and rules to match your business needs.

  • Define custom paid and unpaid leaves
  • Automatic leave grant, lapse and encashment
  • Restrict leaves during probation period
  • Compensatory Offs (Comp Offs) management
  • Leave application and approval workflow

Holidays & Weekly Offs

Pre-defined holidays and weekly offs for entire year.

  • Define holidays for entire year
  • Separate holidays & weekly offs by location
  • Sandwich rules for holidays and weekly offs
Holidays & Weekly Offs with Runtime
Time Rules

Time Rules

Time based salary calculation with actual time spent.

  • Track Late Coming, Early Going or Late Going
  • Time Rounding (e.g. more than 15 mins late, consider 30 mins)
  • Track multiple late coming or early going with Strike Rules
  • Automatic salary deduction based on Strike Rules
  • Automatic overtime calculation

Employee Loans

Manage employee loans with EMI based salary deductions.

  • Issue loans with custom tenure and interest rate
  • Interest-free and Fixed or Reducing Interest methods
  • Option to pay loan with salary
  • Loan pre-payment options
  • Installment extention and/or waiver
Employee Loans
More tools to Manage Teams

Mobile Attendance

Mobile based employee attendance with geo-tagging. Useful for work-from-home and field workers for remote attendance without physically being in office.

Claims Submission

Claim submission with attachments and approval workflow. Direct input to payroll without any manual intervention.

Salary Advance

Salary advance payment during the month and automatic deduction within the same month.

Time Relaxation

Time relaxation for official or personal visits with approval workflow.

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