Human Resource Management for India

  • Templates to issue HR Letters
  • E-Mail Salary Slips with one-click
  • 30+ HR Reports for Analytics
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Human Resource Management

Save precious time with modern HRMS & payroll software
HR Letters

HR Letters

Generate HR Letters from pre-defined templates.

  • Create templates for Appointment Letter, Relieving Letter and more
  • Use dynamic fields for 15+ items like Employee Name, Date of Joining etc
  • Customize Header and Footer of letters with business name & logo
  • Select an employee and generate letter with one-click
  • Save letter to employee document archive or e-mail directly to employee

Rich Reports

25+ reports for management information and decision making.

  • Salary reports including salary register and payslips
  • Attendance reports like attendance register, time summary etc.
  • Employee reports like joinings, exits etc.
  • Statutory reports like deductions and returns
Rich HR Reports
E-Mail Payslip

E-Mail Payslips

Send payslips to all or selected employees with one-click.

  • Customizable payslip with business name, logo and signature
  • Selection of fields to display on payslip
  • Send by e-mail to all or selected employees
  • Option to configure your own e-mail address for sending emails
More HR Tools for You
Automatic Greetings

Send birthday, work anniversary or wedding anniversary greetings

HR Policies

Upload HR Policies for easy access by employees using self-service app


Send e-mail or push notifications to all or selected employees

Bulk Operations

Use excel templates to upload or download data for bulk updates

Leave Automation

Define auto grant, lapse and encashment rules for different types of leaves

Document Storage

Store all employee documents at one place and access anytime

Claim Settlement

Mobile based claim request and settlement directly in payroll


Design approval workflows with fully customizable fields and multiple steps


Allow employees to submit helpdesk requests for various requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

No, HR Management is part of Runtime's core service. Certain features are, however, available as per your selected plan. Check our plan comparison page for features offered under different plans.
Runtime's HR-Notification feature let's you send notifications to all or selected employees (for e.g. employees of a particular location) with easy to use notification page. You can choose to send push notification on employees' mobile devices or e-mail alerts or both.
Yes, you can configure you business email to send all employee communications. You just need to have your e-mail SMTP credentials that you can obtain from your IT department.
Yes, Runtime allows you to add more than one company under one login. You can choose different subscription plan for different companies. Each company is billed separately and you don't have to worry about things mixing up.
Yes, Runtime supports multi-location and multi-departments along-with multiple designations and work-shifs also. Depending upon your plan, you can add locations, departments etc. under the setup page. Visit our plan comparison page for limits and features of each plan.
Runtime's HR Management comes with mobile apps for your entire team, available free of cost on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Team members can view their attendance, download payslips, apply for leaves and do many more tasks on the go using Runtime mobile apps.
We have a comprehensive documentation where you can find information on each feature of the payroll software. Help is organized in sections for easy navigation and also offers search facility to find the relevant topic quickly. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us here.

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