Empower Workforce Teams

Super-useful Employee Self-Service apps with 20+ tasks to carry out on-the-go.

Contact-less Attendance

Mark real-time attendance with Runtime Gatekeeper with location tracking.

Remote Attendance

Members working from home or field executives can mark attendance with Remote Punch.

Leave Application

Apply leaves with optional attachments and Managers / HR Managers can approve.

Holiday Calendar

View list of holidays and plan your leaves well in advance.

View Team

View list of all team members and full profile of any team member.

View Payslip

View or request Payslip on your email for all past periods.

Send Notifications *

Send push notifications for business announcements to all or selected employees.

Helpdesk *

Send push notifications for important business announcements to all or selected employees.

HR Policies *

Employees can view HR Policies on mobile like Leave Policy, Bonus Policies or more.

Claim Submission *

Employees can submit reimbursement claims with attachments (optional).

* Available in Professional Plan

Runtime Workman Employee Self Service Mobile App
Available on iOS and Android

Ask your teams to download and install Runtime Workman and unlock full potential of Runtime Employee Self Service.

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