A Complete Employee Management Platform

Organize employee information in the cloud, track leaves and attendance in real-time, process payroll with one-click and empower your people with self-service apps.

Runtime Payroll and HR Management Software Dashboard and Mobile Screens

Payroll Management

A robust payroll management software

Easiest Payroll Software

Get entire payroll done within a few minutes

  • Fixed and variable salary components and deductions
  • Statutory compliance for taxes and deductions
  • Loan and advance management with flexible options
  • Leave encashment, bonus, & gratuity calculations
  • Biometric integration for attendance sync
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Payroll & Compliance

Human Resource Management

All-in-one HR management solution

Simplified HR Management

Automate daily tasks and save hundreds of hours every month

  • Generate HR Letters with pre-defined templates
  • Publish HR Policies accessible to employees
  • Automatic greetings for events like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Send HR Announcements using push notifications and/or email
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HR Automation

Organize, Manage and Empower People

All the tools you need for creating a happier workplace

Employee Information Management
Organize Information

Well organized storage of employee information in cloud

  • Comprehensive database for storing employee personal and work information
  • Document vault to store employee documents
  • Promotion and salary increment history
  • Reporting and HR Manager for organization hirearchy
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Manage Teams

Attendance, leaves, claims, loans and more

  • Real-time attendance tracking with optional geo-tagging
  • Leave request and approval workflow on mobile
  • Claim submissions to payment workflows
  • Loan and advance management with flexible options
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People management with Leave, Attendance and more
Employee Self Service Mobile Application
Empower Workforce

Empower your workforce with self-service tools

  • Mark attendance remotely or onsite using QR code
  • View and download pay-slips for all periods
  • Task management with team sharing and task assignment
  • Access organization policies
  • Compoffs, claims, helpdesk, workflows and more
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What our Customers are saying?

Feedback and suggestions received from our customers have helped us to build the most user-friendly HRMS solution.

"Our payroll involves complex calculations based on time which was difficult and error prone when we were doing it in excel. With Runtime, I am happy that all my payments are 100% accurate."

- Mr. Sameer Uppal

Fashion Sports

"We used to spend 7-10 days every month on finalizing payroll in our existing payroll software. With Runtime, we are able to finish payroll processing in just one day. Thanks for your great solution."

- Mr. Prahlad Singh

Niros Restaurant

"It was very difficult for us to manage employee leaves, attendance and time-based rules. Runtime, made it easier to generate payroll with all our internal compliances for time based incentives and deductions."

- Mr Sachin

Synsmart Rasayan Research

"Runtime's employee self-service mobile app is the best. It's easy to use and easy to understand. Customer service is excellent and friendly. Keep updating and love the new feature rollouts. Best of Luck!"

- Mr. Simranjeet Singh

Proline Foodstuffs

"We have been using Runtime HRMS for almost a year now, and are very satisfied it. Runtime has been constantly updating new features that turns out to be very beneficial for our company. Price is also very affordable."

- Mr. Eric


"Runtime is a robust system that meets all out HR management requirements. It has also got a good payroll system. The backend team understands our requirements and help us in case if we need any assistance."

- Mr. Somnath Nayak

IFS Business
Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial available?

Yes. We offer a 30-day free trial without providing your credit card information. Signup here and start exploring.

How do you protect my data?

We use a number of security measures like 256-bit SHA hashed passwords, SSL encryption of traffic and regular data backups to protect your account. Learn more about the security measures here.

How many employees can be created?

Our pricing plans are scalable to suit businesses of all sizes. Pricing automatically adjusts as the number of employees grow.

What if I need help?

We have a comprehensive and ever evolving documentation to help you with most of your queries. You can also contact us in case you are stuck and need help.

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